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AirWalk Women's Insole

AirWalk Women's Insole

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With the AirWalk Women’s Insole, transform the support of your high heels and deliver instant comfort to tired feet without sacrificing time and money on orthotics.

With days spent bustling about work, or spending a night out with your girls, we often don’t think about the immense strain put on our feet until inflammation and pain slows us down, ultimately affecting daily life. Ensuring your feet are well cared for is vital for pain free longevity and overall mood.

AirWalk's magic is in the weight-shifting design,weight-shifting insoles. The ONLY insole scientifically-proven to PREVENT foot discomfort caused by high heels. constructed to offer the utmost comfort and prevent foot discomfort caused by high heels.  It accomplishes this by shifting weight off the ball of the foot and prevent your foot from slipping forward.  

  • Constructed to extend your time in heels
  • Perfect for your stilettos, kitten heels, wedges, sandals, boots and clogs
  • Designed to be permanently placed in your favorite heels 
  • Quality material keeps unsavory odors at bay
  • Tested and recommended by podiatry experts