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PosturePerfect Seated Support
PosturePerfect Seated Support

PosturePerfect Seated Support

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The PosturePerfect Seated Support is the ultimate solution for carefree living by promoting back health.

Sitting at the desk is bad enough without having a sore back to add to the aggravation. Long hours spent in a seated position, whether it’s in the car or at the office, can take a toll on your lower spine. Without the right posture and cushioning to support your back, it can lead to serious problems down the road that could require ongoing doctor’s visits, medicine or even surgery.

Designed for ease of use and posture correction, PosturePerfect works by encouraging your spine to resume the natural ”S” shape, which will rid your back of pain and keep your muscles strong. This lightweight brace is portable and attaches easily to any car seat or desk chair.

  • Perfect lumbar support for men and women
  • Eases pain and numbness of: lower back, lumbar, tailbone, bariatric coccyx, hip or sciatic nerve, ischial tuberosity, arthritis and hemorrhoids
  • Manufactured from durable mesh for breathability
  • Can adjust to fit any car, truck, tractor seat and any standard chair
  • Lightweight and portable